About Us

The founder of Education Advantage!, LLC, Mr. Antwan Oliver, worked diligently as a public school teacher instructing second and third grade students for three years in Broward County, Florida. During both his second and third year of teaching, Mr. Oliver achieved one of the highest learning gains in the State of Florida. Mr. Oliver’s expertise in elementary education challenged him to establish a tutoring service to accommodate the needs of students outside of the normal school day. Consequently, Education Advantage!, LLC was founded in March 2007.

Education Advantage!, LLC provides superior tutorial services nationally for schools who have not achieved Annual Yearly Progress(AYP) for three or more years. As a leader in the implementation of Supplemental Educational Services(SES), serving both elementary and middle school students, Education Advantage!, LLC uses only research-based programs designed to improve student achievement and develop systematic academic growth. Education Advantage!, LLC specializes in ensuring that students receive specific teaching that directly relates to his or her academic strengths and weaknesses through the use of small group, hands-on and differentiated group instruction.

Education Advantage!, LLC brings a fresh and innovative approach to tutorial services by serving as a liaison between the teacher and the student. The company’s goal is to exceed the expectations of every parent and student by offering outstanding tutoring, increased flexibility, and greater techniques, thus optimizing system functionality and improving comprehension levels of each child. The teachers/tutors are distinguished by their instructional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that students receive the most effective and professional services. Our teachers are well versed in all aspects of multiple tutorial and teaching techniques, from reading comprehension, mathematics to establishing and maintaining exceptional study habits.

As an expert in tutorial system and program design, Education Advantage!, LLC encourages parental involvement in every stage of its services. It offers continual, functional and technical support from the inception through the completion of tutorial services. Its extensive skills encompasses all aspects of implementation and instruction, including education department requirements, development of functional specifications for school district and parent approval, system design and overseeing development teams to customize systems and programs to correspond to the specific needs of the students.

Whenever possible, Education Advantage!, LLC is located onsite at the student’s school, commonly referred to as the Local Education Agency (LEA), for coordinating student and parent contact, providing functional and technical instruction and support, and resolving any issues that may arise when the student initiates tutorial usage in a live setting. However, to accommodate the needs of both parents and students, services are also rendered in the students’ homes, local libraries, community centers and places of worship. In order to best meet the individual needs of students, Education Advantage!, LLC maintains a wide range of qualifications. It excels in DIBELS databases, Coach Learning Series and the Triumph Learning Series. Its extensive knowledge base entails student performance monitoring and special needs assessment of students’ work and behavioral habits.

Education Advantage!, LLC prides itself on its proven track record for effectively administering multiple implementations due to effectively directing team members in the development of system modifications to ensure that all educational requirements are met within budget restraints and time schedules. In addition, Education Advantage!, LLC has experience with large LEAs by successfully implementing its program in the largest fully accredited school system in the country.

Since its inception, Education Advantage!, LLC has serviced over 3,000 students and has given back over $15,000 to the communities it serves annually. While headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Education Advantage!, LLC provides services nationwide throughout the following areas: Broward County, Dade County, Duval County, Polk County, Hillsborough County and Orange County, FL, Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN, Connecticut, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, California, Michigan, Baltimore, Maryland and continues expanding its reach.