Teacher helping students in school classroom. Horizontally framed shot.Education Advantage!, LLC is honored to add tutoring services to our residential group home for children. Our company values the importance of our children education.  Thus, we are careful to demonstrate observable evidence of our commitment to compliance with state policy and the procedural safeguards, guidelines, and expectations of the local agencies.  This includes instructional best practices commonly associated with Florida Professional Standards and children learner grade level expectations.

In order to meet the individual needs of students, Education Advantage!, LLC maintains a wide range of qualifications.  We excel in Reading and Math using the Common Core Coach Learning Series, the Triumph Learning Series and/or scientific-based curriculum that is agreed upon in consultation with the district.  Our extensive knowledge base entails student performance, monitoring and special needs assessment of students’ work and behavioral habits.  Evaluation of our programs will include a criterion referenced pre-test, progress monitoring, monthly communication with the local agency, school, parents and post-test to measure student growth. Education Advantage!, LLC will provide curriculum that aligns with the Florida Common Core Standards.

Education Advantage has a demonstrated record of effectiveness in increasing student academic achievement toward meeting state imagesBBF6DPH1curriculum content standards.  We have built a system of accountability that has resulted in greater than 80% of all of our enrolled students showing consistent and significant improvements.  Since 2007, we have had over 70 contracts with school districts as a Provider.  We have tutored over 3,500 students since our inception. We have served the following student populations: “at-risk” students, low-income students, students from diverse racial groups, students from diverse ethnic groups, LEP/ELL, special education students, SWD, and students not meeting academic standards.